Gramline Privacy Screen Fencing

You choose. Choose the best fencing available. Choose from our 20 different colours. Choose from different sheet styles. Choose from different fence styles. Choose our 3 dimensional lattice. Choose our ground breaking plinth.

Gramline, the No. 1 Steel Privacy Fencing System has been in production for many years. Today Gramline is a household name that is sold in all states and territories of Australia. Come and see our approachable and informative staff, and we will happily answer any questions that you may have.

Material – Full System – Gramline sheets, Frame, Lattice and Plinth. 20 colours to choose from, with no difference in price for mixing and matching of colours.

Gramline Style – The best side is both sides. This new sheet looks the same from both sides which helps solve neighbourly disputes as to who gets the good side.

Colorline – The old style sheet that matches roofing style sheets. Great if you need to match an older steel fence.

3D Lattice – 3 dimensional lattice, unique to the Gramline fencing system.

Plinth – A “New ground breaking product”, to cover any gaps under your fence.

C-Posts – Slimline C-Posts to give a more aesthetic look.

Rails – Gramline rails in the full colour range.

50 x 50 Posts – 50mm x 50mm square posts to use as end, intermediate or gate posts. Come in various heights and all colours.

Gates – Single gates for pedestrian access, or double gates for vehicular access. These gates can be owner built using our gate kit system, or we can weld them for you for durability and finish.

65 x 65 Posts – Recommended posts for large double gates. Come in the full range of colours

Installation – Pay a professional, request a quote. Or view our Do-It-Yourself material, video, pamphlets etc.

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