Garden Fencing

Australians love a nice backyard area or patio with shelter, screening and a home style look. Gather the family together, add a barbecue, some friends, the fabulous Australian climate and you have the perfect ingredients in which to enjoy time outdoors.

In making choices about fencing around the home ita��s important to start by deciding exactly what you need your fence to do and there are a number of factors to consider. Some of these are a need to:

provide safety and security
retain children or pets
reduce noise
provide privacy
shape your property & define particular areas for certain activities
screen an unsightly view
enclose pools or tennis court
improve the look and style of your property
mark a boundary

Some fences perform certain functions better than others, but with some careful planning and professional advice, you can often choose a fence that will do more than one thing whilst ensuring it also suits your needs, your landscape, complements your environment and is aesthetically pleasing.

This is the Australian home environment at its best.

We can supply you with all your garden fencing needs or special orders as needed.

Please feel free to contact us and discuss all your fencing needs.

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